Why a Cheap Kitchen is a False Economy

September 25, 2015 6:37 am

Why a cheap kitchen is a false economy – Buy cheap, buy twice

It’s understandable that everyone wants to save money, especially in these unforgiving times. However we need to be aware of being lulled into investing in false economy. “False Economy” is an expression that refers to an action, which saves money at the beginning but over time ends up resulting in more money having to be spent on repairs/re-buying in the future. The saying “buy cheap buy twice” is synonymous in this philosophy, and can be applied to anything and everything we purchase.  

Kitchens by Nailsea Electrical can design, supply and install a kitchen to suit every budget. We do not offer the very cheap quality kitchens that you can buy online from companies that usually end up on programmes like “Watchdog”. We do however offer a full range of long-lasting great standard of quality kitchens.
When we apply this philosophy into our choices in kitchens, we can see there is a definite separation between very cheap kitchens, and your quality kitchen builds. Many cheap kitchens are designed for a quick turnover, hence their uses in student accommodations, and rentable property’s, as they aren’t intended for heavy use or prolonged usage, which you’ll see in your average home use (at least on a bi-daily use). They’ll be able to hold up for a few years until things start to break and the overall functionality of the kitchen will cease. Things like surface wear, equipment failure like hinges and mounts, and overall appearance of the kitchens will be apparent with a budget kitchen, as things will start to crumble.

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When we look at a kitchen, we see it as an investment. Buying a new kitchen is something we only do once or twice in our lives so its important to have the facilities that suit you, and are purposed to your needs. Tailored elements like soft shut cupboards and drawers are something you don’t see in cheap kitchens, hence the theme of a false economy. You would be paying a lower price for a much lower quality, only to find your missing many enjoyable and useful features, which you’ll have to end up repairing/re-purchasing in the future. It’s a much more viable option to invest in your kitchen now and have a great addition to your home, rather than being forced to live with a cheap build just to save money in the present, when your expenditure will be greater than the savings you’ve made in the future.


When purchasing a more costly kitchen, you aren’t just purchasing a brand name. Opting for a more luxurious kitchen gives your quality and assurance of premium value. When you think about how much use your kitchen gets in a month, let alone a year, it makes sense to make a logical investment in your kitchen choice, as overall experience whilst using the kitchen is important. Investing in your kitchen now gives you peace of mind, as you’ll have a kitchen that’s built to last for years to come.


Higher quality kitchens also come with perks like integrated appliance options, as these can be in-built into your units to give your kitchen an even better appearance and adds value to your aesthetic quality. An integrated can cost a little more than a freestanding appliance, however it adds so much aesthetic value to your kitchen we find it’s worth the overall investment.

Whatever your budget, we can design and install your fitted kitchen. We are a local, Bristol company, that has an excellent reputation for delivering high standards of work. Call us today on 0117 924 6002