Top 10 Tips For An Accessible Kitchen

March 27, 2015 10:59 am

Making the most of space, ensuring everything is easy to reach and trying to be cautious about safety in kitchens can be difficult. Whether your kitchen is large or small there are always ways in which you can improve areas of your kitchen for the better. Here are our top tips for a more accessible kitchen:

1. If you have a small kitchen, we recommend avoiding dark colours as they shrink the kitchen and make it look uninviting. Use soft shades on cabinets and walls to maximise natural light and expand a small kitchen.

2. To improve safety, put your child’s favourite foods and snacks in places where they can reach to prevent them being naughty and climbing on the worktop!

3. Make recycling easy by equipping a cabinet with individual containers for plastic, glass, metal and paper. It saves you having to go to the outside bin on a regular basis and creates an efficient system.

4. Invest in a swing out tap. Not only does it make washing up easier, it helps will filling large pots which are too large to get in and out of the sink.

5. Hang knives on a magnetic strip attached to the backsplash keeping it out of children’s reach. Doing this also makes finding the correct tool easier to spot.

6. Having an area where people can leave messages near the telephone works very well. Invest in a small whiteboard or chalkboard where everyone can write important reminders/information on for others.

7. Cut cleaning time by making careful decisions, for example a refrigerator with glass shelves will catch spills unlike fridges with wired shelves. Matte finished worktops and walls don’t show up spills as much as glossy finished ones do.

8. Doubling up on another freezer or microwave if you have the space as its good for those who have a large family in need of lots of room for food storage.

9. No one likes a heavy, bold and over-powering kitchen especially if it is a fairly small room. Break up heavy cabinets with different details such as display shelving and glass doors.

10. Ensure there are plenty of plug sockets around the kitchen and also on islands, avoiding near sink areas for safety. It will allow you to experiment with the positioning of appliances if you want to move them around in the future.

At Kitchens By Nailsea Electrical we hope these tips are useful!