Solid Wood Kitchens Bristol

October 14, 2016 9:51 am

The Benefits of Having a Solid Wood Kitchen from Bristol’s Kitchens By Nailsea Electricals

Kitchens are one of the most important rooms in the home for a number of reasons. It is the place where special family gatherings take place, taking a break from busy lives. In many homes these days, it is in the kitchen that most of the activities take place: from homework being completed to Masterchef worthy meals being prepared. No matter what happens in your kitchen, it’s important that it is a room your family and friends can enjoy.

There are 3 major considerations to take in when deciding on the solid wood type for your kitchen worktops and cupboard doors: price, colour, look and the maintenance required of you. Installing and purchasing your new solid wood kitchen can be costly and time-consuming, so you need to get it right first time and have a kitchen that you can rely on for years, which Kitchens by Nailsea Electrical solid wood kitchens can provide, with our 10-year guarantee.

If you are looking for a high-quality solid wood kitchen in Bristol then contact Nailsea Electrical. We have a huge range of kitchens on display in our showroom on the Gloucester Road in Bristol.

Solid Wood Kitchens BristolSolid Wood Kitchen Prices

When it comes to having a solid wood kitchen installed in your home, prices can vary massively. The cheaper wood being Beech, followed by Birch, Oak and finally Walnut at the more expensive end of the spectrum. Whether you’re buying the higher end or the lower end of the wood type prices, you will still be guaranteed long lasting quality, on top of our trusted 10-year guarantee at Kitchens By Nailsea Electrical, Bristol.

Solid Wood Kitchen Colours

Solid wood can be dyed to the specific colour that you desire, but this colour will fade gradually over time and can be harmful to the wood, lowering its strength. Luckily, wood comes naturally in some colours you may not expect to suit your kitchen theme; from the pale maple, bamboo, and natural ash, to the wild stripy exotic wood colour of Zebrano. Whatever colour or style wood you decide on, you can be sure that your friends and family will appreciate the natural feel and look of the wood.

Solid Wood Kitchen Look & Feel

As wood comes from the natural trees around us, the quality and look of the wood you receive is unpredictable and cannot be replicated again. The wood grain and knots that appear in your piece of wood are 100% unique and can add to the character and warmth of your kitchen for you to enjoy over the years. We are proud of our classic kitchens, with the traditional style making a comeback in 2013 and 2014. Another good point of choosing a solid wood kitchen is that they can be easily cut and shaped into your desired shape to suit your kitchen. Their versatility can allow you to have rounded edges of counters and cabinet doors to fit into any gap.

Solid Wood Kitchen Maintenance

With wood being a naturally occurring product, it requires regular upkeep to withstand it’s fresh and natural look. This requires regularly treating the surfaces with oil to protect them from moisture that occurs in your kitchen. Not only will it protect the wood, but it will enhance the appearance of it so the wood looks as good as the day it was installed. Luckily, solid wood kitchens have a high resistance if well-kept and oiled regularly, so any cuts and marks that may appear can be sanded down to keep your surfaces and cabinet doors looking new.

At Kitchens by Nailsea Electrical in Bristol, we take pride in our work and produce the highest quality solid wood kitchens. We can help you design and measure your dream kitchen free to allow you to make the best decision for your home. We then will deliver and install your chosen solid wood kitchen at a time that is most convenient for you. We will even recycle your old appliances and materials so that we can all do our bit for the environment. To read more about our solid wood kitchens at Kitchens by Nailsea Electricals, get in contact today.

Looking for a high-quality solid wood kitchen company in Bristol then contact Nailsea Electrical. We have a huge range of kitchens on display in our showroom on the Gloucester Road in Bristol.