Granite Sinks

Strong and durable, these hard-wearing sinks cope easily with the demands of everyday living whilst remaining stylish, elegant and at home in any kitchen.

Ceramic Sinks

Bringing the traditional charm of ceramics bang in to the 21st Century, these sinks have a simple elegance that looks the part in any contemporary kitchen.

Stainless Steel Sinks

Add the professional touch to your kitchen with a resilient stainless steel sink. The top choice of chefs for its durability and practicality, the sleek, smooth finish of stainless steel looks as good as it performs.

Glass Sinks

Cutting edge designs for contemporary kitchens, these sinks combine the elegance of glass with the practicality of stainless steel for a stunning look and exceptional performance.

Single Control Taps

High precision temperature control at the touch of just one button. Sleek, stylish and easy to use, single control taps are the perfect choice to create a modern look in your kitchen.

Puriti Taps

Fresh, pure, filtered water straight from the tap… what could be better? The innovative Puriti tap system is fitted simply under the sink to help maintain the pH balance of your tap water as well as remove any impurities.

Dual Control Taps

Traditional dual control taps with a modern design twist. Separate turn valves allow you to control exactly how much hot or cold water you release, for the perfect temperature every time.

Spray Taps

Make washing up a breeze and add an element of professionalism to your kitchen with the innovative spray tap system. Completely flexible, you can move the tap freely around the sink for much more effective and powerful cleaning.

Blanco Taps

The perfect combination of high functionality and contemporary style, Blanco taps are available in single lever, Cruciform, monobloc, filtered water and spray rinse form.