Picking The Perfect Kitchen To Suit Your Taste

March 27, 2015 10:44 am

At Kitchens By Nailsea Electrical, we understand the importance of picking the best suited kitchen which fits in with the rest of your home, as well as it fitting your taste, expectations and requirements. We have a large variety of bespoke kitchens to offer, including our Caple ranges at Nailsea. To help you select your perfect kitchen with us and to give some you inspiration, we have selected our favourite kitchens from each of our Caple collections.

The Prestige Collection

The prestige collection by Caple offers sophisticated clean kitchens like the Henley Sand kitchen, which is perfect for people looking for a cosy home. If you prefer a kitchen that isn’t too bold and desire a simple design then the Henley is great, as its straight forward and is available with various feature elements allowing you to personalise your own kitchen.

The Elegance Collection

The Chantilly kitchen from Caple’s Elegance collection is perfect for those who love oak wood and want a kitchen to fit in their traditional style home. If you are not too keen on modern kitchens, then the Chantilly kitchen is ideal as its wooden finish is very stylish and would fit perfectly in a countryside cottage.

The Elements Collection

The elements collection is full of classic kitchens, such as the Ashburton. This kitchen looks great in any sized room and can go with warm oranges and reds, as well as cold blues, greens and greys. If you are struggling with light in the kitchen and want to add more, this kitchen is also available with light fittings underneath the cupboards to help make any room brighter.

The Essence Collection

This is the Delta from the Essence Collection and is the kind of kitchen that would fit perfectly in a modern studio flat, thanks to its square, straight and sleek modern design. This bold kitchen stands out with its striking red worktop which makes a great feature surface for a breakfast bar.

The Radiance Collection

Wooden finished work tops are one of the latest kitchen trends, as they add a traditional twist to a modern kitchen. The Metz fern is new to the radiance collection and it stands out with its contrasting solid wood worktop which matches perfectly with the cream chrome finished cabinets.

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