Nailsea’s Tips For Planning Your Perfect Kitchen

March 27, 2015 10:57 am

At Kitchens by Nailsea, we understand how difficult it can be when it comes to planning a new kitchen. By the time you have finally chosen your new kitchen what is even more troublesome to decide is how you make most of your space, what colour scheme to go for, what goes where and what feature elements you are wanting. We are here to help, and not only do we have a wide range of kitchens on offer to cater for everyone’s taste, we know how to create the perfect bespoke kitchen. Here are our top tips of how to prepare/plan for your new kitchen:

Planning Your Perfect Kitchen – Assess Space and Spends

Ask yourself what you will be using your kitchen for and what is the maximum you want to spend so you can get a rough idea of requirements. Is it just an area for preparing meals? Are you looking for an open plan living space where you can have many guests round? How much storage space will you need? It is the perfect time to clear out your current kitchen in preparation so you are not struggling to find space for things that you haven’t used in years. Write down a list of what aspects of your current kitchen work well and those that don’t so you know what to avoid when planning your new kitchen. Having a fixed budget will help us design an affordable kitchen within your budget.

Planning Your Perfect Kitchen – Decide What You Need

When you have picked your kitchen and assessed your space the next step is to personalise your kitchen. Depending on what kitchen range you are interested in, at Nailsea most come with various feature elements you can add to your kitchen to cater for different tastes. You also need to consider if you need new appliances. Whether you are in need of a new cooker or simply want a new fridge because your current one won’t match your new kitchen, we can help as we have a wide range of kitchen appliances available at Nailsea Electrical.

Planning Your Perfect Kitchen – Don’t Panic and Stay Calm

The process of getting a new kitchen should be a very exciting, enjoyable experience but it can cause a lot of stress for some. Having to clear out the most useful room in the house leaving you unable to cook/not function properly as you have the contents of your kitchen placed all over your home can cause havoc. Staying positive is the best way and just remember that very soon you will have your perfect new kitchen fitted!

We hope these tips help! If you are looking for some inspiration why not look at our bespoke kitchens from Caple which includes the Prestige, Elegance, Elements, Essence and Radiance collections. We also have a stunning range by Masterclass.