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April 12, 2016 12:25 pm

Kitchen Worktops  – Types of Worktops Explained by Kitchens Nailsea Electrical Bristol

Deciding on a kitchen worktop surface can be hard, especially with so many pros and cons to different surfaces, which you may find better suits you. We go through the different worktop surfaces you may want to consider when creating your new kitchen.

The common materials you are going to find in a kitchen providers range are laminate, wood, glass, granite, stainless steel or even composite stone. These all have different pro’s and cons that you may want more than others.

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Things you should consider when you plan on kitchen worktops:

– Consider practicalities, such as general maintenance of the worktop surface. If you have a family constantly using the surface, perhaps for things other than cooking then a less fragile surface like granite, stainless steel or laminate woods.

– if you are cooking a lot, then consider a heat resistant material like granite around places that are going to hold heat like around your cooking units like your hobs and oven.

– Some surfaces like stainless steel are also going to promote hygiene as some surfaces are non-porous. The majority are going to be materials like granite and wood are going to be sealed with resin or another clear material, but stainless steel has much smaller pours than an artificially sealed work surface.

Solid Woods Kitchen Worktops

Solid woods are great for food prep areas and dining zones, like islands around your kitchen or a breakfast bar on the side of the kitchen paired with stall style chairs. If you use wood around the sink area you should try and use woods like Teak, which are less absorbent and contain high oil content, which makes them more water resistant. Woods can be great in any style kitchen, as a darker wood may suit a more modern aesthetic, whereas you can pair most woods with a classic style of kitchen. Considering worktops are such a focal point in the kitchen, you should consider the visual effect when considering worktops. Hardwoods will need sealing when used as a worktop surface as you want to prevent alien contaminants like oil from food soak into the surface. Oiling the surface or having the wood laminated will be the best way to go as this can help preserve the wood surface. Once sealed correctly, wood can be a great work surface as it is very durable and can withstand most kitchen tasks.

Laminate Woods Kitchen Worktops

Laminate surfaces can be a great affordable option especially as they have great pro’s like durability. Laminate tops are extremely durable since they use a protective layer. Despite being cheap they are highly resistant to scratching, extreme heat & staining. There are also a huge choice of colours & finishes. They look great when used with an integrated sink as it gives a nice flush look to the kitchen, rather than having a lip around the unit. Laminate worktops will need some care like regular wiping and any containment will need to be cleaned quickly to prevent the chance of staining over increased durations of exposure.

Composite Kitchen Worktops

Composite worktops like quartz can be great if you desire a seamless design if you want a larger workspace but desire a surface other than metals or wood. Composite surfaces are very practical as they are naturally non-porous so use around the kitchen can be well used. The aesthetic of composite materials will differ depending on the manufacturer but you can get very bright and vibrant colours so it really suits some modern designs. Upkeep of composite surfaces can be very easy as they are usually harder than natural stones surfaces. Particular techniques can be applied during the fitting process to create a seamless finish, which can look great, giving you an expansive worktop surface, which bodes well for a modern aesthetic.

Granite Kitchen Worktops

kitchen worktops bristolGranite is a very popular surface as it is very low maintenance although some things like wine spills have to be cleaned quickly as these can stain the surface. Granite has no special properties to look out for in a kitchen environment to cater for so you can use it anywhere in the kitchen. Granite looks great considering its dark flush appearance so it can work really well as a worktop surface. The luxury material is always popular so it’s great if you are aiming for a timeless kitchen. As mentioned before, granite is very low maintenance as cleaning can be done with a damp cloth and washing up liquid. Granite surfaces will have to be sealed and possibly re-sealed in a decade but if professionally done, you may not have to worry about it.

Glass Kitchen Worktops

Glass gives a great visual look and can act as a great material for focal points of the kitchen like breakfast bars or islands. It can also give the effect of more space than there is as you’ll be seeing through the worktop. Glass is best used with modern styling’s as it is going to attribute greatly to a contemporary designed kitchen. Maintenance of glass can be somewhat tricky considering it is a very polished surface. Glass will need frequent wiping, as it can get dirty very easily. The fitting process will create a very hygienic surface however as the joining process creates a resilient finish, lessening the chance of a dirt trap.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Worktops

Stainless steel is seen often in professional kitchens and no so much domestic, but it can be an option for those opting for an ultra hygienic finish, It’s best used around the sink and for areas where you are preparing food, as it can absorb heat easily. It can work very well with contemporary themes such as a more industrial style, which you may like. Maintenance can be very easy as wiping can be enough with minor cleaning carried out every so often. Sinks can be integrated with the stainless steel so you can get a great end result which looks seamless.

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