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August 20, 2017 6:55 am

Designing and Using a Kitchen Island Discussed by Kitchens by Nailsea Electrical

Bristol Kitchen IslandKitchen islands have become particularly prominent in recent times in conjunction with the interest in open plan kitchens. Using a kitchen island is a great way to create a centrepiece to your kitchen as well as bringing a wide range of practical advantages. With multitasking abilities as well as the ability to prepare food and eat on this kitchen island, you can be sure that this has the potential to be a very desirable addition to a new kitchen. But what are the uses of a kitchen island and how can this area be implemented into a wide range of kitchen designs? In this article, we will discuss the various uses of kitchen islands as well as why you should consider one in addition to a new kitchen for your home. Should you be interested in finding out more about a kitchen island in Bristol or if you require the assistance of a kitchen planner in Bristol then enquire with Kitchens by Nailsea Electrical today or give our team a call now on: 01179 246 002

Kitchen Island Ideas

There are various kitchen island ideas that you may with to consider. As the kitchen island is a centrepiece of your kitchen that also offers a wide range of interesting and practical uses. With the interest that has increased in regards to open plan designs, a kitchen island is the perfect addition to these types of kitchens. It creates a hub in the centre of your kitchen which you can prepare food on and eat on as well as work or sit on. The kitchen island brings a lot of things to the table for your kitchen design and the storage areas that are often featured underneath these areas is also of great benefit. With an open floor design, a kitchen island can seperate the kitchen from other areas of the house and can include bar stools as well as under-the-counter charging points for increased usability. Kitchen islands also allow you to carry out a specific design aesthetic as you can use different materials or colours from the rest of your kitchen. There are a great deal of choices available when you install a kitchen island but why should you consider installing one along with your new kitchen?

Including a Kitchen Island in Your New Kitchen

The inclusion of a kitchen island into the home has demonstrated the changing roles of cooks in the kitchen. The modern kitchen in many cases needs to be able to allow multiple people to cook at once and this has seen the kitchen island rise in popularity. This is because the kitchen island offers you a lot of space so everyone can get around and do their thing. Including a kitchen island in an open plan or integrated new kitchen is a great way to bring clarity and a sense of purpose to these designs. They are highly sought after in these designs and should definitely be a point of consideration if you are thinking about installing an integrated or open plan kitchen. Your personal requirements are also important, if you feel that you need more space in your kitchen then a kitchen island is a great way to increase space as well as allow for multiple activities to be able to be carried out in the same place at the same time.

Tips on Creating Your Kitchen Island

In our August edition of our kitchen island article, we take an in-depth look at the kitchen island, whilst offering tips on how you can create your kitchen island.

Kitchen Island Design BristolA kitchen island as discussed is a centrepiece of the kitchen, making it easy to design around this fact. Small changes to the kitchen island can also have impressively impactful changes to your overall design. This lets you make changes to the design of your kitchen without a hefty investment. Even adding simple objects to your kitchen island such as pots, vases or other containers creates an interesting kitchen design and layout. Kitchen islands can also be a part of any kitchen design, from large kitchens to small kitchens. That’s the fantastic aspect behind these kitchen areas, you can enjoy them and find uses for them with a wide variety of budgets. For the practical side of the kitchen island, you can cleverly use these aspects to accommodate for additional kitchen features if you require them. Should you require more storage capacity for example then you are able to make your kitchen island into a storage area. If you are looking for a social hub within your kitchen where you can sit or socialise then you can use your kitchen island for this purpose. One of the most interesting thing about your kitchen island is that it has all of the tools available to be multi-functional. You can have a storage area and a hub where people can sit and enjoy dinner. The choices are endless with the kitchen island and considering one for your kitchen is a very clever investment.

Modernising the Kitchen Space

There is no doubt that the prominence of the kitchen island is modernising the kitchen. The social aspect of the kitchen and the moving away from the dining room has been a prominent aspect of the modern kitchen and this is reflected in the popularity of the kitchen space. Your new island can be used as a dining area as well as a preparation area, with a multitude of different practical features. If you are looking to modernise your kitchen with a range of design aspects then using a kitchen island in your design is a great way to carry this out. Should you be looking into modernising your kitchen, by implementing a built-in design for example then you will greatly benefit from featuring a kitchen island in your design. These islands can accommodate all of the necessary features that you may require and can take what you can do with your kitchen that much further. Should you be using your kitchen island as a preparation area then you can design around this fact and the same can be said for if you are going to use it as a social hub. There are endless amounts of possibilities which means that you really should consider installing or designing one of these feature pieces.

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Now that you know all about how you can improve your kitchen by implementing an island, you may be considering the next steps in creating your new kitchen. Our team at our kitchen showroom in Bristol are fully equipped and ready to help you design and install your new kitchen. They have many years of experience and we even offer a free design and measurement service! There are many choices for your new kitchen and we can give you a helping hand if you feel like you need some assistance. If you are considering upgrading your kitchen in Bristol or if you are looking for a kitchen planner in Bristol then be sure to enquire with Kitchens by Nailsea Electrical today or call our team now on: 01179 246 002