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Kitchen Design Case Study

May 12, 2015 10:33 am

This is the story of one of our customers, Nicola, in Bristol who had a kitchen design and installation.

Kitchen Design – Why Change The Kitchen?

In the last couple of years our family has increased from 2 adults to 2 adults and 2 small children, and the three bedroom semi detached house with small (but functional) kitchen/dining room and study no longer seemed big enough.  The study over the years had become more of a dumping ground, than a place for studying!! When we moved into the property 12 years ago, it was common place to have a computer with a massive hard drive, screen and keyboard rather than the lightweight laptops and tablets that frequent many if not all homes today.  Now the poor study was just used to house anything we no longer had a use for, but yet had no inclination to get rid of.

Our kitchen was functional but not practical for a young family.  It just wasn’t large enough, so we came up with the idea of knocking through to the study and opening up the kitchen to become a large open space with dining area.

Kitchen Design – Make The Kitchen Larger

We found a builder that had been recommended to us by friends who had also increased their kitchen capacity by knocking down the wall between their kitchen and dining room.  Not only making it a lovely airy space, but making it more practical for a young family as my friend could watch her children at mealtimes whilst also preparing food in the kitchen.

He drew up plans and got a surveyor in to ensure that the walls we wanted to knock down were not supporting walls and not inclined to bring the whole house down if they were removed!!


Kitchen Design – Choosing The Right Company

He recommended a kitchen company, Kitchens By Nailsea Electrical, who he had dealt with in the past who would come to our house to take the appropriate measurements and draw up plans on how our new kitchen would look, and to understand our requirements. The plans were in 3D so looked amazing when shown to us and included layout, storage and appliances.  The designer sat down with us and our builder and went through the plans and made any necessary changes. He made sure that he understood what our needs were.  We explained that as well as requiring a bigger kitchen to cook in, we also wanted more cupboard space, and for it to be a place for entertaining family and friends.  In fact it has also turned into my husband’s office when he works from home which wasn’t something we had originally intended!!  Our designer was very patient as we kept changing the types of unit, and flooring but he was able to show us what these changes would look like with a push of a button.  He also emailed us a walk through video of our new kitchen so we could show family and friends. I love our new kitchen now, and it is the central part of our home.  Whilst the kids take over the living room, the kitchen has become a place for us to relax and socialise. It’s also where we get to watch our tv rather than Cbeebies!!


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