Kitchen Design Bristol

April 11, 2015 11:06 am

Kitchen Design By Bristol Based Nailsea Kitchens

We are well established kitchen design and build company in Bristol for all and any kitchen related needs you might have. From just individual storage units to a complete modular kitchen, we offer complete kitchen solutions for you to design and build the kitchen of your dreams. We utilise basic prime considerations that dictate kitchen design: service requirement, space available and budget.

So go ahead, plan your kitchen now. Just imagine cooking in a well-planned, modern kitchen. Where everything has been carefully thought out and designed for maximum ease of use, where every day cooking is a pleasure, not a chore. We offer you a range of well-planned kitchen solutions in various forms and styles. Making it easy for you to build your dream kitchen in no time, whether you are creating a completely new kitchen from scratch or upgrading an existing kitchen. So, no more struggling with those tough drawers or looking for storage for your ever increasing requirements; Our kitchen drawers come with international brand hinges that ensure noiseless soft closing and tall boy storage units specially designed for stylish homes  and for storing your daily requirements. Not forgetting the various corner units that make optimum utilisation of the space in your kitchen. So proudly say good-bye to those tough days in your conventional kitchen, as our kitchens will ensure every comfort possible for you.

Steps in kitchen design and build

We design and build your kitchen in easy to follow six steps. Our expert surveyors will start off with identifying your needs. Your needs must match your family size, budget and time. We have a variety of kitchen designs to choose from according to your family size: Straight-Line kitchen, “L” shaped, “parallel line”, or “U” shaped kitchen. To fulfill all your aspirations within a limited budget requires an Nailsea Kitchens’s expert assistance. We are experts in planning your kitchen within your budget while keeping your aspirations intact. Time is the essence of everything. We value your time and promise to get your dream kitchen ready within a reasonable time frame.

Our expert kitchen fitting team will explain the benefits of each cabinets, whilst keeping the balance between your needs and the working style in mind. The choice of material and finish of your cabinets rests on family size, type of utensils and volume of usage. Our designers are here for you and will explain the options surrounding choosing your kitchen cabinets. We design your kitchen using standard principle of keeping enough distance between cooking (Hob), cleaning (Sink) and cooling (Refrigerator). Betting the kitchen plan right, rewards you with a comfortable work area in the kitchen and our workmen are experts at making this happen. We understand how excited you will be and our designers can show you a visual drawings of what your new kitchen will look like, including all the features you specified. We are dedicated towards just one goal in mind – building your ultimate kitchen; and rest assured the result will be fantastic.

Nailsea Kitchens Bristol – Our promise

We put extra care in helping you select your kitchen design and to keep harmony in the kitchen by balancing your requirements and the design. Your kitchen will never look out of fashion and at the same time be modern and will have user friendly design. To create warmth and encouraging atmosphere we suggest using as many colours as you want with carpets and contrast decorating elements to make this most interesting place, and welcoming room in your house. We will never compromise safety with look. We will make sure nothing is kept open on the floor in the kitchen from the safety point of view. Electricity fittings will be done professionally, smoke detectors installed and tested.