How To Make the Most of Space in Small Kitchen

March 27, 2015 11:01 am

If you have a small kitchen, then it doesn’t have to be made a negative point in your home! If you’re on the hunt for your perfect home and find one with a small kitchen or you are unsatisfied with the current size of your kitchen, there are many ways you can improve and make the most of the space you have. Here are some useful tips from Nailsea to help those of you who own a small kitchen.

Avoid Dark Colours

If you’re having the kitchen decorated, it’s important to stay away from dark colours as they act as an illusion by blocking out light. Opt for clean creams and pale, cold colours. They are great at reflecting natural light which will make a room appear larger. If you are wanting a new kitchen fitted and you are looking for something bright, then our Elements kitchen range offers bright, clean designs.

Take Advantage of Space

Having little storage space and no extra room for cupboards means that you have to think outside the box with your kitchen space. Use walls for extra storage by adding extra shelves or you can also add a high shelf near to the top of ceiling. This will act as a sheltered place to add kitchen equipment. Even though it will be a little tricky to reach, you can place things on shelf which you don’t use on a regular basis.

Prevent Clutter

Built-up clutter in a kitchen not only looks messy but can make any kitchen look smaller if surfaces are completely covered in utensils and small appliances. To prevent this, minimize the amount of items you place on your worktop and keep it simple with the basic appliances; a microwave, toaster and a kettle or coffee machine is all you need out on the surface. Invest in some hooks to stick to the extractor fan or magnetic strips on walls which can hold metal utensils.

Only Buy What You Need

Even though the tall 6ft fridge freezer with a water dispenser looks great, chances are it won’t fit in a smaller sized kitchen and will look out of proportion. Stick to smaller fridges and freezers which can fit under work surfaces. Purchase a smaller dishwasher to make more room or if you don’t mind washing up by hand, then ditch the dishwasher altogether to make room for another appliance.
We hope these tips are useful! For more information on the kitchens we offer in our showrooms, then contact one of our expert team members on 0117 924 6002.