Handleless Kitchens Bristol

March 15, 2016 2:08 pm

Handleless Kitchens – Pro’s and Con’s Of A Modern Design by Kitchens By Nailsea Electrical

If you are browsing the kitchen market to renovate your home kitchen, then you might of stumbled upon a certain type of build. This type of kitchen is labeled Handleless as the cabinets; drawers and appliance covers have no handles. Whilst this may seem strange, the system works with pressure locks you push in first to release the drawer/cabinet, which then pops out. Another style of handleless kitchen is a hybrid style with a slight divot on the tope of the thick cabinet cover, giving you and indentation you can grip and pull the drawer out with. True handleless kitchens are the ones with press motion, giving you actual handleless cabinets, which is bound to impress users whilst giving you a great user experience. The main reason you would want this is because it leaves a slick finish to your kitchen, as the transition from cabinet to cabinet is flawless. You can mix the colours of your cabinets if your vouching for another style, but your standard kitchens is going to be the same colour for all cabinet and drawer faces.

Handleless kitchens can be a great addition to your home if you want a sleek and modern aesthetic styling to your kitchen. There really isn’t anything like a flowing kitchen face across all built in cabinets and appliances. For more information visit our page on: handleless kitchens Bristol or call us on 0117 405 8798 so we can arrange an initial consultation today!

handleless-kitchens-bristolIf you are going for a modern style, you really can’t get much more sleek than a handleless kitchen. This built in style speaks for itself, as the aesthetics of the kitchen alone are impressive. The fact you are met with a completely flush worktop paired with flush cabinet faces. The absence of handles give you a very de-cluttered look especially with a monotone colour scheme as this gives the initial impression of more space than there really is. This look is very popular with many people in the current scheme of the market, as handleless kitchens are a hot seller.

Handleless kitchens Bristol aren’t without some cons however, as some may prefer to actually have physical handles. Another flaw with handleless kitchens is that some cheaper mechanisms that feature in the press motion design can fail, leaving you with a faulty cabinet/drawer that won’t

close or won’t open. This however isn’t the case with our Masterclass ranges, as we are very stringent on quality control, making sure we only stock the best quality products for our kitchens.

Cheaper kitchen units can also chip as this style of kitchen usually uses laminate coatings to cover the cabinet and drawer faces. This can be resolved with lacquered finishes rather than vinyl wrapped as the vinyl can peel leaving you with an unfinished surface. Masterclass kitchens can also come in a mock wood surface, which gives the touch sensation of real wood grain. You can also opt for integrated handles, or press motion, giving you the choice regardless of which kitchen you go for in your home.

In summary, handleless kitchens can be a great addition to your kitchen space, giving you a unique and sleek finish to your kitchen that imbues a modern style. If you think it’s something you want, and the functionality matches your usage levels and patterns, then there is no reason why you shouldn’t opt for a handleless kitchen.

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