Choosing The Best Suited Taps For Your Kitchen

March 27, 2015 10:39 am

There are many things that need to be considered when choosing the best tap for your kitchen – for example do you want a tap with a pull-out rinser, a built in water filter, a basic tap with a kitchen mono sink mixer or with a handspray? All these need to be contemplated, as well as thinking about the style and finish to go for as there is plenty of choice on today’s tap market. Most taps come with the choice of either polished chrome or stainless steel to match other metals in the kitchen.

Of course, before considering the aesthetics you need to consider a few things behind the scenes. Firstly, find out the water pressure you currently have in your home, which will help determine the type of tap that would be the best suited. The last thing you want to do is to purchase a tap which is not suitable for your water pressure. Most new houses today don’t have issues with water pressure, as they have new systems which provide both balanced and pressurised hot and cold water, unlike in some older homes where it is usually medium or low, and therefore limits tap options.

Water Filter Taps

Even though tap water is perfectly clean and drinkable, it still contains a small amount of bacteria as well as fluoride and chlorine. Filter taps have an advantage, as they eliminate any bacteria in the water making it taste pure and fresh. Filter taps work by having two separate outlets which prevent cross contamination of the water which runs through the filter. We recommend that on average the filters in these need to be changed every 6 months to get the most benefit.

Spray/ Pull Out Taps

These taps have many advantages and are ideal for those who use their kitchen sink a lot on a daily basis. Not only do these taps usually suit most water pressure types, but they can also reach every part of the sink, and are excellent for cleaning vegetables, rinsing plates, and ideal for filling buckets and pots.

Lever Taps

If you want to have control over the temperature of your tap water, lever taps are the best option. You have a choice between dual and single control to help fit your kitchen needs. Dual taps have 2 separate valves, one which controls hot water and the other cold and single lever taps have just one valve which controls both temperatures with the same lever. Both these taps need high water pressures for them to work at the most efficient rate.

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